NBA: Top 10 Free Agents Still Available (Unrestricted)

nba free agents

by Rodney Fisher
Nate Robinson is still available. Photo credit NBA 
Teams in the NBA have all made the majority of their moves in free agency, but the is still some good players left to fill out the roster. Let's take a look at the top 10 players still available in free agency.

1. Nate Robinson
   - Nate made a name for himself during the playoffs with the Chicago Bulls. Anyone could make the case that he was their most valuable player during their playoff run. He is a high energy player, high scorer, and good community ambassador to have on your team. Since he has yet to sign with a team you can estimate that his offer needs to look pretty good.

2. DeJuan Blair
   - Although he did not get to play much during the playoffs, Blair has developed very well since joining the NBA four years ago. Given the opportunity, he would be able to be a reliable option in the paint as a starter or rotation player.

3. Ronnie Brewer
  - Brewer may not be a flashy addition to a team, but his toughness on the defensive end makes him a viable option. He is able to guard the bigger guards in the league, like LeBron James, and the small forwards in the league. He makes his points off of hustle plays and rebounds so you don't have force him the ball, just let him play.

4. Richard Hamilton
   - You can't have enough shooters off the bench to ignite your offense. Hamiltion still can run the same screen and shot play he made famous during the Detroit Pistons championship run. Defenders hate to guard him because he drains too much energy throughout the game.

5. D.J. Augustin
   - Augustin grew as a point guard last year in the playoffs with the Indiana Pacers. He averaged more points per game in the playoffs than he did for the season. He is only 25-years old and can still be a great rotation player to learn under a good point guard.

6. Leandro Barbosa
   - Barbosa is coming off a season ending ACL injury, but early reports show that his speed has not deteriorated.
Mike Miller is now a valuable free agent

7. Mike Miller
   - It will be hard to see Mike Miller wearing a different jersey than the Miami Heat, but since he
has been amnestied by the organization it seems he does decide to play he will have to wear different colors. Miller is a liability on defense and may not be able to play every game, but you can not doubt his three-point shooting ability and playing on the big stage.

8. Tyrus Thomas
  - Thomas has been injury prone throughout his seven year career. He only played in 26 games with the Charlotte Bobcats, but did average 12.5 points and 6 boards a night.

9. Mo Williams
  - He may no longer be the player that Cleveland felt could be the compliment to getting LeBron James a championship ring, but he is a good veteran presence to run the offense.

10. Lamar Odom
   - Odom is not the best option, but he has made conscience effort to dispel the bad reports from Dallas two seasons ago. He played in all 82 game last season for the Los Angeles Clippers and was apart of the best bench in the NBA last year. If you are a team close to LA and don't mind the reality TV spotlight, he could work out for you.

Other options:
Daniel Gibson
Drew Gooden
Sebastian Telfair
John Lucas, III
Tracy McGrady
Antwan Jamison

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