2016 NFC Championship Preview: Carolina Panthers vs Arizona Cardinals


Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers host the Arizona Cardinals for the NFC Championship. 

2016 NFC Championship Game

By: Da`Vince “Dino” Wright

Carolina Panthers 15-1 NFC SouthArizona Cardinals 13-3 NFC West

Place: Bank Of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC
Time: 6:40 p.m.
Date: January 24, 2016

The Carolina Panthers came out in last weeks game and hit the Seattle Seahawks right in the mouth. That set the tone for what fans can expect from them. The Arizona Cardinals shocked everyone on how they played the Packers and pulled out a win. Now, this week we`re looking for a dynamic game from both teams.What can we expect on offense and defense from the Cardinals? Will CXam Newton be dominant against the Cardinal defense. Lets take a look at both teams and the keys for success.

Why you shouldn`t watch this game:

The WWE has a pay per view that starts at 7 and everyone wants to see Brock Lesnair, John Cena and Triple H.

Why you should watch this game:

All season fans wanted to see if Cam Newton will be exciting to watch as he runs, passes and dances all over the field all the way to Super Bowl 50! Or will Patrick Peterson pick off a pass and take it to the house for 6.

Arizona Cardinals

Carson Palmer is a good quarterback. When he`s on, he`s on! Larry Fitzgerald is the leader but he`s the X-factor. Carson Palmer has to get him the ball, not in the 4th quarter but early and often. Larry Fitzgerald has always been an excellent receiver but they never look to get him the ball. We can talk defense, offense and X`s and O`s. When you look at this team across the board he (Larry) has always been consistent.He is the key to victory hands down.

Carolina Panthers

Cam, Cam, Cam! He is the catalyst on offense. This game they have to bring him out of the pocket as a runner. You can best believe the last time they were this close he looked like a nervous freshman on the varsity during a must win district game. He played well but not like the superstar that he is. Luke Kuechly sets the stage for a stingy and very aggressive Panther defense. Look for a lot of heat being placed on Carson Palmer from the left side of the defensive line.

My Prediction

The Carolina Panthers advances to the Super Bowl by the score of 27-21. The Panthers are just to hot to be stopped. It`s their year .. Accept it!

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