2016 FC Dallas Preview

FC Dallas

FC Dallas starts the new MLS season with high expectations. 

FC Dallas Preview

by Da`Vince “Dino” Wright

Micheal Barrios, Kellyn Acosta, and newcomer Carlos Gruezo will lead a talented team this year. FC Dallas was a competitive team but better overall with the new editions. Maxi Urruti will be a featured player on the frontline. His size and strength will be the teams turning point at the position from last year.

Micheal (Mickey) Barrios made a play in a preseason game that changed the dynamics of how the team looked in the 12 minute frame in the first. He made a pass to a streaking Mauro that showed the teams change from power to speed.

“I think I liked my first goal (preseason) better,” Barrios said. “It set us up for the win. And the whole play, the run I made for Mauro and the pass he made before I finished the play.” 

The well timed coordination between Diaz`s vision to make the pass and Barrio`s timing to make the runon a goal wasn`t a coincidence. The Colombian Winger has played with the Argentinian for a whole season after joining the team last season. 

Speed is something is something that each team in the league is leaning towards. It`s something when you have speed and physical size to compete with every team on any given day. FC Dallas gets better every year, but do we really know these guys? 

Only the die hard soccer fans know and follow them. Marketing and community relations has to open up closed minds to see the diamond that plays “FOOTBALL” in our city.

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